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hope that -- >> al: which is an automatic first down. even a five yard defensive foul penalty is an automatic first down. >> referee: illegal use of hands. hands to the face, number 95 defense. five-yard penalty. automatic first down. >> al: that is the way you get to a first down off a second and 37. >> cris: martez wilson. man, oh, man. what a bizarre ending to this one. martez wilson right in there is where that happened. here he comes right at you. hands to the face. good call. >> al: from second to 37 to a first down. to give san diego life. still 67 yards away. 1:30 and have all of their time-outs. and rivers will throw and that is ronnie brown and brown will spin his way for a first down. stays inbounds. >> cris: ronnie brown has some nice open-field moves. he has made people miss consistently on this drive. may want to try to get him the ball a little more often. >> al: chargers elect to keep all of their time-outs but taking a lot of time off the clock here. and now a conference with cheffers. because did he pick up the first down is the question. it was first down. i
not be imposing these devastating defense cuts, because what that does when we equivocate on our values, it makes us more weak. it projects weakness. when we look weak, our adversaries are much more willing to test us and less willing -- >> with all due respect that's a bunch of mularkey. >> why is that so? >> not a single thing he said is accurate. >> be specific. >> i will be very specific. number one, this lecture on embassy security, the congressman here cut embassy security in his budget by $300 million below what we asked for, number one. so much for the embassy security piece. number two, governor romney, before he knew the facts, before he even knew that our ambassador was killed, he was out making a political statement which was panned by the media around the world. and this talk about this weakness. i don't understand what my friend is talking about here. this is a president who's gone out and done everything he has said he was going to do. this is a guy who's repaired our alliances so the rest of the world follows us again. this is a guy who brought the entire world, including russia a
. >>> a cyber pearl harbor. defense secretary panetta says the risk of a devastating cyber attack is all too real. >>> and nobel prizes and chocolate. the curious connection between the prestigious prize and the sweet treat. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good morning. i'm lynn berry. well, joe biden and paul ryan went head to head in their only face-off of the campaign. the two vp candidates clashed on almost every issue, but who won? well, two post debate polls give us very different views. a cnn/orc flash poll found paul ryan four points ahead of joe biden 48 to 44% among likely voters who watched the debate. but cbs news' flash poll of uncommitted voters gave biden the win with 50% compared to 31% for ryan and 19% called the debate a tie. well, for a look at some of the highlights from last night's debate we go now to nbc's steve handelsman. he is at the debate site in danville, kentucky. steve, good morning. >> reporter: lynn, thanks. good morning from danville, kentucky, where they differed sharply on practically all the big issues, but these are smart, well-informed
." we will be watching come sunday morning, thank you, david. >>> and when the secretary of defense warns of a possible pending attack, it gets our attention. and this one just did, the new warning of the consequences of a cyber attack by iran that could create trouble in this area. our report. >> reporter: it is predicted that cyber space will be the world's next big battlefield. but defense secretary leon panetta warned that the threat of a defense cyber attack against america is already here. >> the collective result of these kinds of attacks could be a cyber pearl harbor. >> reporter: panetta warned that cyber attackers have tried to shut down america's critical infrastructure, power, water, transportation and major financial institutions. >> such a destructive cyber terrorist attack could virtually paralyze the nation. >> reporter: while russia and china are prime suspects, for the first time u.s. officials blame iran for the recent jump in cyber attacks. officials tell them iran was behind the recent attempts to disable the website to several u.s. banks. those attacks failed,
chances. he would launch a vigorous defense. but he'd now have to plan it from his new home. a stifling cell in tortola's prison. a fortress high up on a bluff facing the ocean where the view can't be beat but comes at a price no one wants to pay. >>> when we come back, a criminal trial begins with some surprising revelations. another diver in the life of david swain? >> so this is the classic motivation, the classic ingredient of murder sometimes. the other woman. >> yes. >> when "the last dive" continues. [ female announcer ] imagine an air freshener that can instantly make your home fresh and inviting. introducing glade expressions fragrance mist. a squeeze at the neck of the bottle releases a fragrant mist, eliminating odors. light layers of fresh cotton and italian mandarin that instantly fill the air with fragrance. with a stylish design, it can be left out. so you can add long-lasting fragrance whenever you need it. ♪ and it's available in an easy-to-replace refill. glade expressions fragrance mist. sc johnson. a family company. with the parents and the cute little baby triplet
. >> the defense attorney urged anyone looking at the case to follow the money in ben's murder. down there in the fine print of the will, it shows that may, the daughter, may have had her own reasons for wanting ben dead and her mother accused. >> may abbad and her children were the next in line. >> if somehow narcy was removed from the line of inheritance, the daughter, may abad, would get $10 million for her children. >> that's correct. >> with narcy out of the picture, may would get a flat $150,000, and her two boys, the rest of the $10 million estate. narcy began offering her own theory of the crime. may did it. >> when she realized the finger was being pointed on her, she accused me. >> of arranging to kill ben for the many? >> uh-huh. correct. uh-huh. >> the mother and daughter finger pointing accusations continued without cease-fire even as they interred ben in the family mausoleum. narcy, hidden beneath sunglasses and a scarf and hat, ignored her daughter. the mother was flanked by armed bodyguards. the daughter brought her sons. >> one of my mother's bodyguards flashed his g
on their pitching and defense. >>> back in the top of the second, oakland outfield coco crisp makes a leaping grab to rob a would-be home run by prince fielder. good catch there. >>> well, to football now, nfl commissioner roger goodell reduced the bounty related suspensions of two new orleans saints players. linebacker scott fujita's three-game suspension has been reduced to one. and defensive end anthony hargrove's eight-game penalty has been trimmed to seven. >>> and, finally, remember this guy, austrian daredevil felix baumgartner? his death defying sky dive has been postponed due to gusty winds at the launch site. we'll be sure to keep you posted. >>> coming up, kim and kanye on the hunt and julian assange's strange house guest. your entertainment headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, we'll talk turkey about one minnesota neighborhood and its new peeping tom. you're watching "early today." >>> welcome back on "early today" on this wednesday morning. a beautiful dry day on the west coast. tomorrow with the upper level low and the in northwest with a series of storms starting on friday. every
set of businesses. three buildings total. >> reporter:s firefighters took a defensive mode spraying water from outside because it was too dangerous to be inside. heavy trucks and equipment blocked the west portal tunnel. no light rail trains in or out. >> 17 line right here. >> reporter: the k and ocean view car lines impacted. >> i'm supposed to be lecturing at san francisco state right now. i'm not there. >> it is inconvenient. as much as i feel badly, i have to get to work. >> we're doing the best we can. no one planned for this to happen. we are providing the shuttles. >> reporter: neighbors say the restaurant had a small fire last year and firefighters believe the origin may be near the kitchen although it was closed at the time. firefighters tell us they will be here for the rest of the day. they have not determined a cause. i spoke with the owner of the wine shop who says it is a loss. he does plan to reopen. firefighters tell me there were three injuries to firefighters. one for smoke inhalation and one for a cut to the knee and one with a cut on the hand. reporting live, ch
. >>> and it could virtually paralyze the nation, defense secretary leon panetta is warning americans of a growing threat, a cyber attack by iran. >> a collective result of these kinds of attacks could be a cyber pearl harbor. >> defense officials tell nbc news that iran was behind a recent series of attempts to disable the websites to several major u.s. banks. now those attacks failed. but another iranian attack nearly shut down a saudi arabia oil company, experts say that type of attack should be a warning to the u.s. >> we don't have that type of security in the financial sector, the oil and gas sector, any of our critical infrastructures. >> leon panetta says that the industry must do more to combat those types of threats. >>> and tragedy on the tracks, we often hear about deadly accidents on our rails. in fact, there were two of them just last week. but how often is there trouble? we break down the numbers of accidents and deaths. >> reporter: we found that transit agencies spend millions every year to try to stop the tragedies. but the problem is not going away. in every one involved, from f
the defense gave its opening statement. then things took an unexpected turn. >> during the opening statement, it was said that the money that harvey got from steven was money that was owed to harvey in a loan that happened many years ago. >> reporter: harvey loaned money to steven's father back in the '80s, the defense told the jury. they had a promissory note to prove it. hadn't you encountered that along the way? >> no. it was part of the trust packet. and at this point, the numbers i'm getting from the court were over 33,000 pages of documentation. >> quite frankly, we missed it. >> reporter: they had missed evidence that seemed to show harvey wasn't stealing from steven at all, had no motive to kill him. suddenly, the whole case against harvey, fragile to begin with, seemed in danger of falling apart. and amid doubt about the new evidence, the judge declared a mistrial. >> i thought, oh, my god, he's being set free. >> reporter: but harvey wasn't set free. instead, the state appointed to the case its third prosecutor in five years. >> this was my first case of this particular type. >> re
goes on the defensive. >>>if your household is among the millions with children, perhaps including you at one time, were raised with the help of some friends named big bird, kermit, elmo, oscar and the count, then perhaps your ears picked up during this year's debate, when mitt romney talked about federal funding and took on pbs in the process. it was one of the memorable moments in the debate, when mitt romney called for an end to government funding of the moderator's own network. >> i am going to stop the subsidy to pbs, i like big bird, i like you too, but i won't keep spending on things to get china to pay for it. >> but while he didn't have an attack that night, president obama talked about it the next day. >> he will do away with regulations on wall street, but he will crack down on sesame street. thank goodness, somebody is finally cracking down on big bird. pbs has been a favorite target of mostly conservative politicians for years. when he was house speaker, gingrich called it a little sand box for the rich, prompting us to ask some parents what they thought about it. >> i thi
was a four-time pro bowl defensive tackle for the detroit lions. and after football, the man known as the mad duck is remembered for his role on the 1980 sitcom "webster" and in movies, of course, most notably for the role of mongo in "blazing saddles." >>> well, the u.s. anti-doping agency revealed to lance armstrong the names of 26 people who accused him of doping, 11 of which were former teammates. the report accuses armstrong of blood doping for most of his career and is expecting teammates to do the same. armstrong did not fight the usda's charges but insists he never cheated. >> announcer: "early today" sports is brought to you by new just for men autostop. gray is over. >>> well, criminals target a teen heartthrob. and 2012's most influential man. entertainment headlines are next. >>> plus, much ado about a hairdo? a 12-year-old florida boy pays the price for a brave gesture. you're watching "early today." >>> welcome back to "early today." the big news, of course the rain chances in southern california. here's the malibu area and los angeles. even a few lightning strikes off the malib
, evil sort of wrapping around a sweet, young little baby. >> at the trial, defense attorney kevin clymo portrayed elisa as a black widow, sophisticated con artist who wanted her husband dead, and sarah was her innocent and terrified pawn. >> it was the most horrible thing i've never done, not because i wanted to. not because i wanted to. i want you to know that. >> really? now prosecutor testa introduced ginger miller. remember her, the other secretary who worked alongside sarah and elisa? she said, in the days and weeks after larry vanished, elisa and sarah seemed to feel anything but remorse. >> they're laughing together. they're shopping together. they're eating together. they're sleeping in the same bed together. she's living at her house. >> so they were not really working, were they? >> they were. they would get maybe two hours of work done a day. >> what did they do the rest of the time, just party? >> shop, hang out, sleep late, go flirt with boys. >> all the while spending the firm's money, larry's money. a lot of money. >> elisa got a red jaguar, sarah got a red bmw. >> such c
. >> reporter: good morning. jennifer bennett said she expected defense lawyers to scrutinize her past but believes they went too far, requesting her search engine records to try to prove she had not been raped. now she's speaking out and telling her story to keep other victims from suffering the same. if you've been beaten, sexually assaulted and strangled, should it matter to the court what you've been googling? that's what the defense was demanding from victim jennifer bennett. they subpoenaed her journal, computer, even her search engine records. >> i drew my line in the sand and this is where i'm going to stick up for myself. i was not the criminal. so investigating me and my life, it just didn't seem right. it didn't seem just. >> reporter: her ordeal began in beautiful bend, oregon on a first date with a charming doctor she had met on thomas bray, a former anesthesiologist and teacher at a local community college. the date was going well so they went for a night cap at his home where bennett said he attacked her. the assault lasted five hours. >> she had been strangle
adage, we're going to have to pitch and play defense and hopefully get a good early lead and protect it. >> reporter: and one of the only questions facing manager bruce bochy today regarding his starting lineup was who was going to play left field. and he did answer that question today, saying gregor blanco will get to start in left. of course the a's also ramping up for their first game in detroit. that's where we find kate longworth who has more from comerica park. >> reporter: well, jaymee, it's pouring rain here at comerica park. but before the rain came in, the tigers and the a's took the field for their workouts. tomorrow it will be jarrod parker who gets the start against the tigers' invest stin verlander. parker is the first rookie in athletic history to start in game 1 in the postseason. he is also the a's second youngest pitcher behind vida blue to get the nod for the coveted first game. although the right hander is a rookie, parker has the composure of a veteran. >> it means a lot, obviously. i don't want to put too much into it and make it out to be a huge, huge thing. we kn
of responsibility. >> reporter: sandusky's defense team says it's going to appeal the conviction. >> we believe had we had the time, we would have had an opportunity to prove jerry's innocence. >> reporter: judge john cleland called the case a story of betrayal, and told sandusky you abused the trust of those who trusted you. the former coach was convicted on 45 counts of child sexual abuse on ten young boys he met through the second mile, his charity for underprivileged youth. a flurry of sandusky's victims confronted him in the courtroom. one stared directly at the defendant as he said we both know exactly what happened. you should be ashamed of yourself. another sobbed as he told the court of his abuse, and his harrowing road to recovery, saying i've not by any means arrived, but i've certainly left. brian mooar, nbc news, belafonte, pennsylvania. >>> back here at home, antioch police are investigating a horrific scene near an antioch elementary school this morning. a crossing guard and two others, including her young son were hurt when a speeding car slammed into them this morning. the crash ha
. not a nuclear weapon, but a cyber attack. the secretary of defense says it could create havoc across the country. more now from nbc's pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski. >> reporter: it's predicted that cyberspace will become the world's next major battlefield. but in a national call to arms, defense secretary leon panetta warned the threat of a significant cyber attack against america is already here. >> the collective results of these kinds of attacks could be a cyber pearl harbor. >> reporter: panetta warned that cyber attackers have tried to shut down america's critical infrastructure, power, water, transportation, and major financial institutions. >> such a destructive cyber terrorist attack could virtually paralyze the nation. >> reporter: while russia and china are prime suspects, for the first time, u.s. officials blame iran for the recent jump in cyber attacks. defense officials tell nbc news iran was behind a recent series of attempts to disable the websites of several major u.s. banks. those attacks failed. but another iranian cyber attack nearly shut down saudi arabia's state oi
the the stand, had answers to some stubbornly uncomfortable facts and this question that hung over the defense table like a cloud. >> you loved your life, a lot, but in that moment of extreme range, you killed her. strangled her. threw her body. >> it's so not true. >> the theme of the prosecution was that you were in -- and t t that -- >> it's just not true. they painted quite a picture though. >> oh, yes. they certainly did. with the help of a woman whose message in a way came back from the grave. coming up, stephanie speaks. >> i'm here asking for help. >> and so does another voice from the past. >> he had a look on his face that i'd never seen or recognized before. >> what secrets will she reveal? >> and coming up next friday on "dateline," he was the print of a legendary hotel family. but as a stepfather, gentle and kind. until that terrible day. >> i couldn't believe it. >> her step dad, dad. her mom, destroyed. >> marcie was howling and screaming. >> a slew of potential suspects. >> there were a lot of people who didn't like him. >> but for her, creeping questions closer to home. >> my
the way to go. >> you what romney talking about wanting to spend more in defense. if you think that president obama is going to be re-elected. you don't want to be in ratheon, you're going to have to do a little selling. >> caller: i see that united health care purchased 90% of the brazilian health care companies down there, what do you see their stuff going from here and what do you think if romney's elected president? >> it's not as good if romney's elected president. because what happened is the health companies they went all in under obama. they did win. unh goes higher with president obama is re-elected. if you loved playing kick the can as a kid, as i did, you should have adored as an investor in an industrial based company, the kick the can theory, our stocks go higher. >>> coming up, ipo stud or dud. but does this cloud play offer enough profit to bring investors back to the table. find out when you get to know this ipo. >>> and later, up, up and away? amazon has already sold almost 50% this year and google is up over 15%. but could these two market leaders continue to
season. they did find some fuel. the defensive lineman justin smith was accused of using illegal tactics. he responded to gilbreath's accusation. >> better get with it. i don't know what he's talking about it to be honest with you. if he's trying to talk himself up good for him. >> yeah. then 49ers head coach jim harbaugh piled on. here is his quote. kevin gilbride's outrageous irrational statement regarding justin smith's play is first an absurd analogy. second it is an incendiary comment targeting one of the truly exemplary players in this league. and who can forget tomorrow right here on nbc bay area stanford cardinal number 17 in the nation hit the road to take on on number seven notre dame. coverage starts here at 12:30 in the afternoon here on nbc bay area. that will do it. we are busy this weekend. >> we are. thanks, jim. >>> you can watch tonight at 10:30. >>> coming up tonight at 11:00 two men who told police uc berkeley law students are in jail tonight accused of beheading an exotic bird at a las vegas casino. we'll have that for you tonight after nbc dateline. >> next at 7:00
of the morning's top stories with natalie over at the news desk. >> good morning, everyone, defense secretary leon panetta is delivering a stark warning that the u.s. could soon face a cyber pearl harbor if the nation doesn't strengthen digital security. nbc's chief pentagon correspondent jim mick cheklasz has the very latest. >> reporter: secretary panta warned cyber attacks on america could be just as destructive as those attacks on 9/11 here in new york and at the pentagon. he warned attacks on america's critical electric and water systems could actually be devastating, and for the first time pentagon officials are revealing that it was iran behind a series of attacks recently on america's major banking systems. now, secretary panetta called for a nationwide effort for government and business to build an entire skilled army of cyber warriors to confront this threat, but he had a very ominous warning. he reminded everybody that early warning signs of the 9/11 attacks here in america went largely ignored. he said that cannot happen again, that we are now in a pre- 9/11 moment, and the terror
has to give. you have to specify where the deductions are. you can't increase defense spending, extend the bush cuts, 20% on top of that, and just say, no, it's going to be ok, we'll grow our way into it. that does raise a fair amount of scrutiny. >> sure. i think that's legitimate. first of all, romney has said to the degree they can't get the loopholes closed in congress, he'll reduce the tax credit. that he'll stick to the principle that it will pay for itself. there's a general argument over whether you should count economic growth. simpson and bowles don't count economic growth. two harvard experts said higher growth. third, romney has an energy plan which expanding american oil and gas. the royalties alone are worth $750 billion a year to the federal government. fourth, look carefully at what romney said, that the true supply sides don't necessarily love but it's good politics. he said i will close enough deductions that wealthy americans will not get a net tax cut. now, that's a pretty clear description. >> let me just say this. standing on the stage with you in arizona, this is
with the defense. i tell myself it's early, that there will be more countervailing news. sure enough, there is. walmart is holding a big rah-rah meeting in bentonville, arkansas, and their reports are outstanding. the stock climbs and climbs. considering this is the world's largest retailer, i'm awarding the bears 7. there is hope! plus apple, which has been an anvil around the neck of the bulls. suddenly has pep in its step. it doesn't open down. it doesn't stay down. given apple has been such a drag on the market, you got to give the bulls, let's give them a field goal, one of the david akers 62 jobs. and now it's an 11-point game. admittedly negative 11, but not the end of the world. there is only one problem with this analysis. for the purposes of explanation, i'm going to shift sports entirely, just for a nanosecond, and talk about, you bet, bowling. hey, dialing for dollars. come on, i'm trying to get you involved. you see the great numbers from costco and yum and walmart. they were all in the retail sector, every one of them. all that did is to serve something we already knew, that the
hadn't done in far too long. and maybe there's a reason it's been a while. >> in my defense, i'm no slouch at the gym, so energized by our beautiful surroundings -- >> how you doing? >> i'm great. jamaica, sunshine. >> i agreed to give it another go. >> you know what i want to do to start? 50 uppercuts. we'll go down into 50 pikes. your stomach better be tight. tight. come on, tight. no rest. push your body. one down for 20. come on. >> did she call this the warm-up? >> water. >> some of us need a break apparently. >> it's 90 degrees out. >> and it was only going to get warmer. >> get into some touch-ups. land on your toes. butt kickers. just kick them out. this is your rest. >> this is my rest? >> what happened here? >> i saw a bug. >> come on. anyone can do anything for 18 reps. good. yes. comments? oh, my gosh. i have literally quieted him. we're doing 100 push-ups. pain is on your side. pain is your friend here. >> who said that? >> i think rambo said it best. >> okay. >> nice job. 100 push-ups. next up for us, a little bit of shoulder work. relax the neck. medium circles.
of looking on a child pornography website and you've given quite a defense of it in your book. can you explain what happened? >> i was trying to prove that credit card companies were taking money for child porn. i didn't enter a website, didn't look at images, and a couple of us that were campaigning and we gave it up in the end because it seemed so futile. it seems strange that it's been proved that credit card companies could refuse to take money from any website that they choose, but there's too much money out there. >> and because of that, you had to actually register as a sex offender. >> i had to register as a sex offender because i wouldn't go to court. 11 computers were taken from my hou house, you know. an investigator found that i hadn't -- a forensic investigator found out that i hadn't entered the website, and -- but nonetheless, by the time the court -- the case came to -- the charges came to be presented to me, it was five month i had to wait. i was exhausted, and i felt if i went to court i would be offering myself up for sacrifice, so i was kind of waiting for this mome
also read for the court. sandusky spoke, delivering a rambling 18-minute statement for his defense clinging to his innocence. the judge clarified sandusky's crimes not only violated the bodies of his victims but their souls for the rest of their lives. >>> the death toll in a meningitis outbreak is rising. announced the death of a patient from the rare but lethal form of meningitis linked to steroid injections given for back pain. if confirmed it will bring the total to nine. health officials say as many as 13,000 people may have been injected with those contaminated drugs. >>> new hope for 5 million americans suffering from alzheimer's as an experimental judge shows promise in slowing the diseases progression. while the eli lilly drug is not a cure, researchers say it is the first time any treatment has actually slowed dementia in patients. >>> mexican navy said it captured a drug gang commander accused of numerous high-profile crimes including the possible murder of american tourist david heartily. >>> it was two years ago when tefly saw her husband david. they had gone jet skiin
behind the scenes, in his defense. >> he's one of my really good friends. i think people are envisioning him stepping over my limp body selling products. you know, but in fact, i was being taken care of by two medics, three producers, i told him to please keep going, keep going. i'm fine. you know, he's been in touch with me. i think he handled it really professionally, and he's a very good friend and a good man. >> so he's taking a little unfair heat as a result of this. >> yeah. unfair. >> which raises the question, what would you have done had he passed out? >> a question matt asks himself daily around here. >> i don't know, you know, i think it's a really tough situation. i think he was trying not to draw even more attention to it. he didn't want to embarrass me further. so i think he just did the best he could and i've been in touch with him, and he's a good, real professional. >> is it true until this morning you hadn't rewatched that video? >> no, my mother and sister saw it, they were crying when they saw it. they said don't watch it, my husband says i don't think you should watc
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